5 Signs of Dehydrated Skin

5 Signs of Dehydrated Skin

5 Signs of Dehydrated Skin


Dehydrated Skin is a loss of water from the epidermis.  Over time our skin loses it’s ability to retain water. Combine that with harsh products that actually rip the moisture out, then we are really in trouble.  In this Blog we will show you 5 Signs of Dehydrated Skin and how to fix it naturally.
Companies today use ingredients that take the moisture from the cells and sit it on top of the skin, which gives a short term effect, but in reality it is starving the skin of moisture.  Typically products that you purchase off the supermarket shelf and also high end products will do this.You will know if you are suffering from dehydration if you see the following tell tale signs:1.  Your skin has a crepe appearance2.  Your skin on other parts of your body is dry and flaky3.  Deep wrinkles

4.  Small folds on your cheeks

5.  Cracked heels.  This is an interesting one.  The level of dryness on your heels determine the level of dehydration of your body overall.

To test your level of dehydration looking in the mirror, take your forefinger, middle finger and ring finger and place them on your jaw bone  then push your skin upwards gently.  If you see small lines that crepe like small folds or ridges, you have dehydrated skin.

To put moisture back into your skin you need to use a product that does not take out the moisture from the new forming cells.  It needs to be a supporting and skin firming product, not filled with chemicals.

Drinking more water will help plump dehydrated skin, however you don’t need to drink 8 glasses a day.  You need to drink the amount that your body needs.  We are all different, so experiment to see what your water intake needs are.  Also drink water that is not fluoridated.  Fluoridated water is the most damaging of all and has long term effects not only on our skin but on other hormone producing glands.  Spring water or rain water is the best.

RENEW ME Day Cream is a skin re-hydrating cream.  It also contains Zinc, Pomegranate and Red Raspberry Seed Oil which is a protection powerhouse from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.  It is also an anti-oxidant which protects your skin from free-radical damage.  Our RENEW ME Hydrating Serum contains Hyaluronic Acid.  This is a compound that is produced by our body to keep our skin and other parts of our body hydrated.  Like Collagen and Elastin, over time our body reduces production.  Hyaluronic Acid helps retain moisture in the lower levels of the skin instead of ripping it out as other ingredients do.

Using these two products alone will give a dramatic result to the hydration levels of your skin.  Combined with your increased levels of fluid, you will find the uptake of re-hydration to your skin will work in double time.

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