About RENEW ME® Mineral Vegan Makeup

Mineral Makeup is not a new idea and people have actually been using it for thousands of years.

We have been painting our body with “earth minerals” since ancient times with it being used in ancient and traditional ceremonies around the world. Even our own indigenous people here in Australia knew exactly how to use “mineral makeup” in their traditions and Cleopatra used mineral makeup around her eyes and lips.

Fast forward to now days the use of Mineral Makeup is one of the most accepted form of make up today due to the integrity and purity of earth ingredients. Compared to more conventional methods using chemical based, inferior (cheap), animal based and often carcinogenic ingredients, Mineral Makeup gives a more natural option.

Our RENEW ME® Mineral Vegan Makeup uses where possible selected Certified Organic, Australian Produced ingredients, such as Certified Organic Shea Butter; Certified Organic Castor Oil; Certified Organic Sucrose; Certified Organic Jojoba Oil; Certified Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil… just to name a few. All of our Certified Organic Ingredients are listed with a ‘*’ after them so you know exactly which ingredients are Certified Organic.

Our RENEW ME® Mineral Vegan Makeup is just that, Mineral and Vegan. We offer a complete range of makeup products that are FREE from Ferric Ferrocyanide, Animal products, artificial dyes, FD&C colours, Talc, Carmine (also known as Cochineal), Bismuth Oxychloride, Mineral Oil (and its derivatives) and paraben preservatives. We are so proud to say and claim that NO animals have been tortured for you to look beautiful.

RENEW ME® can proudly claim the following for ALL of our Mineral Makeup Products

  • 100% Australian Made and Owned
  • Formulated, tested and manufactured to exacting Australian and international standards
  • Not tested on animals – I LOVE ANIMALS, WE ARE THEIR GUARDIANS!
  • Utilises cosmetic grade minerals and naturally derived or organic botanicals where indicated
  • Lightweight, non-comedogenic and allows your skin to breathe and will not block pores
  • Formulated with inert minerals. This means that no bacteria can live or survive in the ingredients.
  • Contains no Bismuth Oxychloride
  • Free of Parabens, synthetic FD & C classified dyes, clays, mineral oil or petroleum derived ingredients
  • Free of lanolin, beeswax or any other generic fillers
  • is Mineral and Vegan Makeup