Exercise Along With Me – Series 1 – Eye Exercise

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How to perform the Eye Exercise in Exercise Along With Me - Series 1, 2 & 3

This is a 3 part exercise. Part 1, you look up, part 2 you look down, part 3 you look ahead, then you hold at the end for 20 seconds for the Lactic Burn.

Note : Each exercise is done with 50 repetitions of each part. Do not increase the repetitions when graduating to levels 2 & 3.

You will find this full explanation on YouTube. Just click the links and you will be taken directly to the videos.

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Follow the notes below exactly to ensure correct form.

1.  With this exercise you use the knuckle of the forefinger (index finger)





2. When you place your knuckles, nestle them into the corners of your eye socket to isolate the Crows Feet





3. Once you have your knuckles in the correct position, curl your index fingers just under the brow bone (eyebrow) and thumbs sitting along your cheek bones with the tips of your thumbs in line with your nostrils. With the tips of your index fingers make sure to gently pull apart the corrugator and procerus muscles to isolate them. This will ensure that you will not be wrinkling that area as you perform the exercises



4. Make sure that you use the Press & Plant Technique that I created to ensure you are not pushing up your brows to avoid temporary wrinkling of the forehead.





5. When you look up, look up at a 45 degree angle and do not scrunch your forehead. Just look up.





6. Simply blink your eyelids open and close. (do this for 50 repetitions only throughout all the levels)





7. When you have reached 50 repetitions, do the same thing as above but look down at a 45 degree angle and simply blink your eyes open and shut. Repeat 50 times only.





8. Last set, you look straight ahead and simply blink your eyes open and shut. Do this 50 times.





9. When you have finished the repetitions, simply hold for 20 seconds in position to allow for the Lactic Burn, then release.




10. Follow the Exercise Along With Me - Series 1, Levels 1, 2 & 3 method of 50 Repetitions x 6 weeks (do not graduate to higher repetitions)

NOTE: Some people cannot do Level 3, 150 Repetitions – in that case, do Level 1, 50 Repetitions for 3 weeks and Level 2, 100 Repetitions for 3 weeks. This applies to all the series.