Exercise Notes Sample – Series 1 – Nose Exercise

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How to perform the Nose Exercise (credit Carole Maggio) in Exercise Along With Me - Series 1, 2 & 3

You will find this full explanation on YouTube. Just click the links and you will be taken directly to the videos.

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Exercise Along With Me - Series 1 - Playlist (all levels)

Follow the easy instructions below to ensure your correct form. Please remember, facial exercise cannot change the actual structure of your face. Your nose is the same. If you have a bump on your nose, facial exercise will not take it away. Instead, your muscles will adapt to the natural shape of your face. This exercise, when done regularly will keep your nose in "maintenance" shape and will not change, as long as you are doing the exercises.

1. Place your forefinger (index finger) gently on the tip of your nose.





2. Do not push your nose up, as shown in the picture. Gently place it on the tip of your nose.





3. The action of this exercise is flaring your nostrils in a downwards motion. Not upwards. The muscles used are the levitator muscles situated either side of the nose and the depressor septi muscle located under the nose.




4. The depressor septi muscle is where I am pointing in the picture on the right.





5. With your other hand, using your index finger and thumb, gently pinch the crest of your nose. This helps guide your nose muscles and prevents wrinkling on the top of the nose.

With resistance flare or push your nostrils downwards, using the levitator and depressor septi muscles. Your nose will naturally move up and down when you push your nostrils downwards.

6. Follow the Exercise Along With Me - Series 1, Levels 1, 2 & 3 method of 50 Repetitions x 2 weeks, 100 Repetitions x 2 weeks and 150 Repetitions x 2 weeks.

NOTE: Some people cannot do Level 3, 150 Repetitions – in that case, do Level 1, 50 Repetitions for 3 weeks and Level 2, 100 Repetitions for 3 weeks. This applies to all the series.