Facerobics Face Healing

Facerobics Face Healing

Face Healing is a fast and easy way to release negative energy that is stuck in your facial muscles. By releasing this toxic tension, you will begin to see your facial exercises working so much faster and more efficiently.

Feelings and Emotions are two very different things.

Emotions come before a feeling. Emotions are a physical reaction. They can be objectively measured by blood flow, brain activity and micro facial expressions.[1]  We express our emotions thru our facial muscle reflexes and other parts of our body. It has been discovered that there are 7 Basic emotions

  1. Fear
  2. Anger
  3. Sadness
  4. Disgust
  5. Trust
  6. Joy
  7. Anticipation

Feelings however are many expressions of the 7 Basic Emotions. Feelings are reactions to emotions and are subjective based on personal experience, beliefs and memories and cannot be measured precisely. [2]

For example, when you fear someone or something your body has a physical reaction of heart pounding, shallow and rapid breathing and possibly even sweating. Then externally you begin to react to those physical reactions with anxiety and/or dread.

So simply put you internalize Emotion in your body physically with some sort of physical response and then externalize Feelings with your mind as a reaction or response to the physical emotion you are feeling.

When you perform Face Healing you stimulate the acupressure points on your face, and then once you feel that you have sufficiently brought up your specific emotion related to it, you then begin to tap the area and release it with a combination of tapping the acupressure spot and positive affirmation.

As you release the emotion/feeling with positive affirmations, you then will have a feeling of peace when finished.

Combined with helping you do this, I have created some Face Healing Inspiration Cards to go along with your efforts.

Your Sub Conscious Mind will help to assist you to heal. All you need to do is set up your Face Healing healing session with “intention” and your mind-body connection will take care of the rest for you.

I have discovered that if there are places on your face that are not changing when practising facial exercises, this is due to stuck emotions / feelings and beliefs attached to those emotions / feelings that are not allowing the muscle to free up and change.

As you release these energetic blockages, you will soon begin to see rapid changes on your face.

Face Healing Method

  1. Begin by intuitively choosing a Face Healing Affirmation Card. Don’t worry what it is, your Sub Conscious Mind will direct you to the perfect affirmation for your healing session.
  2. You have a choice, you can download the black and white version and color it in yourself, or you can download the colour version. (These are available in the Facerobics Premium Gym)
  3. Meditate on it for 2-3 nights before doing the Face Healing Session by putting it under your pillow, or on your fridge, or in a predominate position where you will be conscious of it.
  4. When you are ready to start the Face Healing Session, lay down in a comfortable position
  5. With Intention tell yourself that you are going to be performing some Face Healing today to prepare your Sub Conscious for the healing session
  6. Begin to scan your face for any tightness. This tightness represents any energetic blockages that are trapped in your facial muscles. You may feel them all over your face, but choose one to start.
  7. Begin to massage the acupressure point you have intuitively felt a blockage in. Generally when you massage an acupressure point, you will feel a little divet in the area you are massaging. This is how you know you have the correct spot to massage.
  8. As you massage, begin to listen “from within” what it is saying to you, what the situation is, what the emotion is. To determine where this emotion came from and why it was “energetically stuck” in this particular muscle, begin to imagine a cord forming. As it forms begin to see where it is leading you to. It will eventually take you to a time in your life where the emotion originated. I could even be while you were in the womb. Yes, it is that precise and powerful!
  9. When you have its origin, if this is what you are to know, or when you feel that you have discovered the emotion or feeling, begin to tap both hands over the acupressure points. As you do this repeat the affirmation of the day.
  10. As you repeat the affirmation, allow all of the emotion / feeling to dissipate into the universe. See, visualize, imagine all of it leaving your body. You might see it as a black, thick substance leaving your body and dissipating into the universe. As this happens, begin to see golden, white, platinum light return to your body as you repeat the affirmations. Feel the joy, peace, happiness as the light melts into your body.
  11. You will know intuitively when to stop tapping. When you do, lay there in the peacefulness of the healing that has just happened. Feel the peace and joy of the moment.
  12. Pin the Card of the Week that you are working on in a predominate position to help move the energy and repeat the process for that area over the week if need.
  13. After you do this, you will never have to repeat it again, unless you store the memory of emotion / feelings into your muscles again. If you do, just repeat the process. Over time it will disappear forever!


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