Flexerobics Instructions

Start Here – Flexerobics Full Body Workout Program

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You will be very familiar with The Method.

To perform these exercises simply complete rapid repetitions with a squeeze and release motion of the muscles you are exercising with every repetition of the exercises in the set.

This is all you need to do. Once you get used to doing this, you will be on your way to a trim, toned, taut and terrific body!

When you finish your exercise routine, make it a habit to stretch your muscles after each workout.

If you don’t you will experience muscle pain for prolonged periods of time. When you stretch after exercising, the lactic acid that is released during intense workouts, is broken with stretching. This allows muscle recovery and repair and aids in blood circulation to the muscles.

Use the schematic above to enable you to focus on each muscle group in the exercise set.

When you first start, go slowly as you could create an injury by too hard too soon. It is just like any other exercise program, you need to learn it fully and understand the muscle movements of the program before doing too much.

As you feel your muscles are growing, you can go a little faster. The videos will explain how to do them for optimum results.

You will need to learn each group of muscles that are being exercised, by this, I mean you must practice isolating the muscles before attempting the full body workout routine. Do this for each series, become completely conversant with the movements before starting.

Watch this video that teaches you how to Focus on your Muscles

Simply apply each Full Body Workout Series of exercises into the full body exercise routine, remembering to hold and freeze the muscles into a yoga pose for 20 second after each set of repetitions.

Work through the series, alongside of your Facerobics Exercises and as you change your Facerobics Series, change your Flexerobics Series.

If you are following the 50 / 100 Repetitions per series for Facerobics, follow the same Repetitions for Flexerobics™.

After you finish all 3 Flexerobics Series, return to Series #1 and start again from the beginning. When starting Facerobics Series 4, begin to work your way through all of the levels again from Full Body Workout Series #1. Remembering to rest for a week when learning the new exercises.

You can cycle Facerobics and Flexerobics Series #1 – #3 indefinitely, starting at Series #1 again when you complete the 3 Series.

You must have rest time. The most optimum way to follow this program is as follows:

M – Facerobics Face / Flexerobics Body
T – Facerobics Face / Flexerobics Body
W – Facerobics Face / Flexerobics Body – Rest Day
Th – Facerobics Face / Flexerobics Body
F – Facerobics Face / Flexerobics Body
S- Facerobics Face – Rest Day / Flexerobics Body – Rest Day
S – Facerobics Face – Rest Day / Flexerobics Body

2 days exercise, 1 day rest.

Remembering you perform your Facial Exercises 5 days consecutively, with 2 days rest. It does not have to be Monday – Friday, but make sure you are doing them consecutively for 5 days before your 2 rest days.

When your body muscles become stronger, usually after the 3rd Series, you can move to 5 days a week, and 2 days rest consecutively. A warning however, if you feel that your muscles are not recovering over the 24 hour period, revert to 2 days exercise, 1 day rest.

Flexerobics Series #1

50 Repetitions – 2 weeks – Level 1
100 Repetitions – 2 weeks – Level 2
150 Repetitions – 2 weeks – Level 3

Flexerobics  Series #2

50 Repetitions – 2 weeks – Level 1|
100 Repetitions – 2 weeks – Level 2
150 Repetitions – 2 weeks – Level 3

Flexerobics Series #3

50 Repetitions – 2 weeks – Level 1
100 Repetitions – 2 weeks – Level 2
150 Repetitions – 2 weeks – Level 3

The Warnings

 As with all exercise programs there are warnings. This program is no different. Performing fast repetitions on large muscles forces the muscles grows at a rapid rate.

  1. You must give the muscles 24 hours of rest, performing the sets all at once, once a day. Exactly the same as Facerobics.

When exercising the muscles, and they react subtly to the way they would if you were lifting weights. However, this form of exercise is using your muscle weight as resistance, therefore the muscle will react with less pain, and generally you should be able to do the exercises again after 24 hours of rest.

And, just like you would go to the gym and workout, the next day you may feel some muscle pain. This is the muscle healing, therefore you rest it.


2. Here is where you must use some Common Sense (and we all know Common Sense is a Superpower these days!)

If you are feeling muscle pain, and feel that you cannot perform the repetitions the next day, rest them, and continue the following day.

Do not push through the pain.

If you feel any pain longer than one day, you will need to rest until it subsides.

Muscle pain means the muscle is healing, and, you must give it time to do so. If you don’t, just like your facial muscles, they will fatigue and become weak.


3. Do not Perform More than the Prescribed Amount of Exercise

This is so important because, if you do more than what I am prescribing, you can actually pull muscles and do damage of your muscular system. Again, the exercises that I offer are increasing endurance exercises. By starting with a small amount of repetitions and gradually increasing your muscles will tone and build strength without injury.

If you over do it, all you will do is create an injury, and you won’t be able to do anything at all.



4. Learn to Isolate and Focus on Which Muscle you are Exercising

I found it quite different isolating the body muscles compared to the facial muscles, it was much more difficult.

It is important to learn which muscle you are exercising before starting the Full Body Workouts.

The body muscles are much bigger than the facial muscles, and, activate together much more. Therefore, before you start a Flexerobics Series, it is so important that you begin to isolate each muscle that is in the series and learn how to move them.

Remember, it is not a race, you must do the study before starting.

For example, the Glute exercises use upper glutes and lower glutes, and you must learn how to isolate and move the upper muscle and focus on that, as with the lower muscle.

Focus plays a big part of Flexerobics because you cannot exercise just one muscle, all muscles around are activated also. Therefore, your ability to focus will enable you to focus on just the muscle you are exercising.


5.Start Out Gently and Slowly

Make sure when you start this exercise program that you start gently and slowly and slowly grow into the exercise routines. Do not push your muscles to any limits before they have had the chance to get used to the exercises.

Should you do this, you will create long lasting injuries.

You will find that your muscles will tire and feel achy when you begin this type of exercise. Please exercise common sense at all times.

I would suggest that you start creating a notebook because when you do that you’ve got all of that I talk to you about in one place. This will help you keep it all together, and give you some discipline in studying the program on a deeper level.

If something does not feel right, don’t keep pushing through thinking that it has to get worse to get better. (That is a huge myth by the way, and I have no idea where it came from!) You might cause an injury simply because you did not listen to your body.

Don’t worry about the time it takes, just enjoy the process, and if you have to go a little slower, do so!

Happy Exercising!