How to Use Renew Me Skincare

How to Use Renew Me Skincare Products

Renew Me Natural & Vegan Products


Morning & Evening Routine
Our Renew Me Cleanser is a very gentle yet effective facial cleanser and goes a long way and is best used under the shower with a wash cloth. It is not a foaming cleanser, therefore you need to leave it on your face for a few minutes to allow emulsification.

Cleansing your face with no makeup – Start by wetting your face with warm water or, if you are under the shower, wet your face.  Using 2-4 pumps and apply all over your face. Allow it to sit on your face for a bit. Using your washcloth, wipe it over your face, making sure to clean all of your face thoroughly. Once you feel that you have removed all of the dirt and grime, rinse the washcloth with warm water, and wipe remaining cleanser from your face. Your face should feel thoroughly clean and invigorated.

Cleansing your face with makeup – Wet your face and place a small amount of cleanser over your eyes and face. Let sit for a moment. Then, moisten your washcloth, leaving a small amount of water. Pump 3 pumps of cleanser on the left hand side of the cloth and 3 pumps of cleanser on the right hand side. Holding each side, apply to your face and wipe the washcloth all over your face, making sure to remove all of the makeup around your eyes, over top lip, sides of face and under your neck. The toweling cloth acts as an exfoliator at the same time, helping remove the residue makeup. Rinse cloth, leaving a small amount of water, repeat with just warm water on washcloth until all makeup has been removed.


Renew Me Toner is a refreshingly hydrating skin toning mist. Can be used in a number of ways. If you have used a washcloth, you will find that there will be very little makeup or dirt on the makeup pad, after cleansing your face.  You can either spray the toner directly onto your face, or into a makeup pad, and simply wipe around your face, removing all of the residue cleanser from your face. Our toner can also be used as a spritzer to freshen up your face throughout the day. The sweet floral tones will lift your skin and your spirits.


Our Renew Me Serum is to be used once or twice a day. To use, simply apply 3-4 pumps of Serum to your fingertips, lightly rub together and apply all over your face, including your eyes and neck. The Renew Me Serum is used in place of eye and neck cream, so you don’t have to pay out for a product that you do not require.

Day and Night Cream

To use, simply press on the top of the jar once or twice or until the cream starts to dispense. Both products go a long way, you only need a small amount, one to two pumps is what is required. When you have the desired amount dispensed, gently rub into your skin until its absorbed. If you are new to the product, you may need 2 pumps for approx. 1 week. After a week you will begin to notice your skin will only need a small amount and will feel soft and look silky.