RENEW ME®Laser Lift Instructions

Read more here about the RENEW ME® Laser Lift (LLLT)

Instructions for Use:

For maximum benefit when using the RENEW ME® Laser Lift always use Laser and Microcurrent together and it is recommended to use a minium of once a day (can be used twice daily if desired).


Follow along with the diagrams

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When turning on the RENEW ME® Laser Lift, looking at it, turn on the two switches on the front silver shield that say “L” and “Bio”.  A green light will come on.  For safety reasons, the red light laser will not come on until you touch it to your skin.  Typically it does not work on the back of your hand.  As indicated above, always use RENEW ME® Hydrating Serum in conjunction with using the device.

Hold the two silver pads on each side of the device to activate the laser, apply and hold nozzle to skin, and you will see the red light display.  (note: Red light will only appear when in contact with the skin)

Use the sliding indicator on the right hand side of the device to adjust microcurrent strength.  The laser works at a constant 650nm and cannot be adusted.

1. Eye & Eye Brow

Position RENEW ME® Laser Lift head on side of nose under eye.  Move the laser along and around the inner section and around eyelid as shown.  Remember to keep your eyes closed when using the device and under no circumstances look into or at the laser where the beam is emitted.

Repeat as shown on diagram moving out further each time and only repeating  3 times as shown

2. Forehead

Turning the RENEW ME® Laser Lift up to #3, begin at the brow as shown, move the device in an up and down motion, moving it each time until finishing between the eyebrows.


3. Under Eye, Cheeks & Jaw Line

Turning up the RENEW ME® Laser Lift again to where comfortable, starting on side of nose, move device under eye to corner of eye, repeating down the cheek as shown.

Apply pressure as repeating movements, always pulling skin in an upward motion. Do not drag the device and skin downwards, ensuring you are always using it in upward motions as shown. When moving the device downwards, ease off the pressure on the skin allowing only the laser light to show.

4. Nose, Upper Lip, Chin

Move to chin, starting at side of mouth in a figure eight starting upwards. Then moving to the upper lip and nose as shown.

5. Nine Point Acupressure Laser Massage

Starting at the middle of your chin as shown, follow the acupressure points up your face. Apply pressure while doing so, and move slowly, spending approx 30 seconds on each point before moving on.

Repeat all movements on other side of face

When finished, massage your face to remove any dead skin cells that remain.

Apply RENEW ME® Day Cream or Night Cream

6. For use with Renew Me YoungerMe Mask

If you own the YoungerMe LED Light Therapy Mask, use the Laser Lift 3 days a week.

A typical treatment schedule would look like:

YoungerMe Mask – M-F

Laser Lift – M / W / F

Do not use the Laser Lift more that 3 times a week if you are using the Mask.