Facerobics & Flexerobics – The Manual (eBook only)

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Facerobics® & Flexerobics® The Manual – The Ultimate Facial & Full Body Exercise Program!
Including a comprehensive Workbook & Diary to Keep you on Track

Finally here is “The Book” that everyone has been asking for.

This eBook is for people wanting to learn the Facerobics® & Flexerobics™ Facial & Full Body Exercise Program as shown on YouTube and who don’t necessarily want to join or cannot join the Membership site. It has been written specifically for you in mind!

Included in the book is a very “unique” 17 page Weekly Facial Exercise Diary, not found anywhere else on the internet and is designed to “keep you on track” effortlessly, over each 6 week period of the Series you are following and much more.

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Totaling 144 pages, this “manual” is packed full of Facerobics® & Flexerobics® facial and full body exercise information from Series 1-3.

The eBook has been designed for people on limited budgets who still want to learn how to follow this miraculous program and achieve success.

Complete with a comprehensive Workbook including Exercise Notes, activities to help cement your Anatomy & Physiology understanding and a complete Weekly Facial Exercise Diary that will keep you on track.

This is simply the easiest and best way to follow the Facerobics® & Flexerobics® Ultimate Exercise Program yet!

5 reviews for Facerobics & Flexerobics – The Manual (eBook only)

  1. 5 out of 5

    lynnlantieri (verified owner)

    The Facerobics Manual has been so helpful to me in understanding and implementing this amazing program. I was very happy to receive it within 5 minutes of purchasing the download. I was delighted to see how easy it was to read and assimilate. I appreciate the guidance and the detailed explanation of all aspects of this program including having patience as the program is being learned. The You Tube videos are a wonderful, amazing tool, but having the book on-hand allowed me to slow it down in a different way to my own pace. It helped me to place my fingers in the correct positions with more confidence. The pictures of the muscles of the face and neck allow me to visualize them as I exercise and I appreciate the guidance from Peta to see them in my mind’s eye and see or feel how they are moving and tightening up under my skin. I find the focusing on the exercises a ‘grounding’ or kind of meditative experience. I am happy with this book and I recommend it to anyone seeking health and fitness and youth for their facial and neck muscles.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I love this ebook – it’s big and bold and so easy to use. It’s like having Peta right there with me slowly and deliberately showing me each step – so there’s no way anyone could get an exercise wrong. Then there are diagrams of all the muscle groups associated with each exercise – they’re all shown in great detail making them easy to visualize under the skin. At the back of the book I was so pleased to find I could get online links to the series 1 and 2 videos and also the videos detailing the facial healing system. I would have liked to have had a link to one of Peta’s facial massage videos and a facial acupressure video (as both were suggested as additions to the A Typical Weekly Schedule of Facerobics). Apart from that – this is the clearest and most understandable book on facial exercises I have ever purchased.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Kay McLaren (verified owner)

    Hi Peta,
    First of all let me say how much I appreciate this free gift from you Peta as an Upgrade to my original purchase of your book. So much thought, unique expertise and knowledge is just so obvious when you start reading this Second Edition Manual. The instructions are so clear and precise…..and I can’t wait to get started on the Flexerobics as well.
    Thank you once again, Kay xx

  4. 5 out of 5

    Cara Moffat (verified owner)

    First off thank you Peta for all the work you put into developing this program. I have learned so much about facial muscles and how they work from you. I have been following you since Feb of this year. For anyone thinking of starting it does take time to learn the exercises properly and there are no instant results but it is worth the time to invest in yourself. I have noticed changing in my face some areas more then others. I’m so glad I found Peta ‘s program.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Clarissa Jacobson (verified owner)

    I bought this because I really didn’t want to spend so much time watching dozens of videos all at once – I was overwhelmed by the time and how many videos. This book was a fast a read and really explains the exercises and how to do them. In tandem with the videos it helps you narrow down which videos to start with to really figure out how to do the exercises. Well worth the money.

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Facerobics & Flexerobics – The Manual (eBook only)