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Facerobics® The Manual – The Ultimate Facial Exercise Program!
Including a comprehensive Workbook & Diary to Keep you on Track

Finally here is “The Book” that everyone has been asking for.

This Book is for people wanting to learn the “complete” Facerobics® Facial Exercise Program and who don’t necessarily want to join or cannot join the Membership site. It has been written specifically for you in mind!

Included in the book is a very “unique” 17 page Weekly Facial Exercise Diary, not found anywhere else on the internet and is designed to “keep you on track” effortlessly, over each 6 week period of the Series you are following and much more.

It covers the “entire” Facerobics® Face Exercise Program from beginning to end! Nothing is spared!

When you purchase you will have instant access to the Book and it can be downloaded onto any desktop or mobile device.

You will not be charged for shipping.

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Totaling 116 pages, this “manual” is packed full of Facerobics® Face Exercise information.

The Book has been designed for people on limited budgets who still want to learn how to follow this miraculous program and achieve success.

Complete with a comprehensive Workbook including Exercise Notes, activities to help cement your Anatomy & Physiology understanding and a complete Weekly Facial Exercise Diary that will keep you on track.

This is simply the easiest and best way to follow the Facerobics® Facial Exercise Program yet!



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