Renew200 Infrared Light Panel 200w



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The Renew200 is a perfect introduction to NIR & Red Light Therapy Treatments. With 40 LED Dual 5w lights, don’t be fooled by its size. This little baby packs a punch!

This easy to use panel has been manufactured and designed to meet big brand panel companies power and quality with a price that you can afford.

High performance NIR and Red Light LED’s providing 660nm Red Light – 850nm NIR will stimulate and kick start the natural processes of your body that maintains youthful vitality.

The Renew200 is designed for targeted anti-aging facial treatments and for areas of your body that requires targeted accelerated repair.

The Renew200 is designed for low EMF and is Flicker Free and is safe to use on any part of your body.


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Deep Red 660nm

Deep Red 660nm is absorbed more effectively to repair the skin from damage over time. Penetrating at 660nm the light will kick start your body’s natural processes that support collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production that slows in your body as you age. After regular use your skin will appear more tightened, brighter and healthier.

Near Infrared 850nm

Near Infrared is invisible to sight. This light wave penetrates deeper into the skin and effectively restores muscle recovery, relieves pain and provides essential “light” energy for cellular renewal, nutrition and helps eliminate waste from cells. This will result in an overall feeling of well being that you felt in your 20’s!

Package includes:
1 x 200w LED Light Therapy Lamp
1x Power Cord
1x Professional eye protection
1x User Manual

Device Instructions:

Distance : Apply the light from 30 cm to the body (do not hold closer to face or body)
Session Time : Exposure each area for 10 – 20 minutes, depending on distance
Frequency : 2-7 times a week until results are felt, minimum of 8 weeks (this is different for everyone)
Application Area : LED Light can be applied to any area of the body. Do no look directly into the lights for an extended period of time
Infrared Light is not visible to the naked eye so when using this panel with NIR on. Only half of the chips will appear illuminated
Every person is different. This will result in different results and experiences. If you are not comfortable with irradiation, or if something that is contra indicated, please stop treatments immediately and seek out medical advice.


  1. Size : 238 X 155 X 30mm
  2. LED’s : 40 LED Dual 5w lights
  3. Power : 200w
  4. Wavelengths : 660nm (red), 850nm (near infrared – invisible to the eye)
  5. Irradiance : >70mw/cm2 at 15.25cm
  6. Timer : 10/15/20mins
  7. Flicker : Zero
  8. Switches :  Two switches, one for 660nm (Red) and on for 850nm (NIR). Use Red only, Near Infrared only or both together
  9. Beam Angle : 60 degrees
  10. Flicker : Flicker Free
  11. Wall Hanging Kit : No
  12. Light Blocking Goggles : Yes
  13. EMF : 0.0 µT @ 4”
  14. Lifespan : 50000 hours

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Renew200 Infrared Light Panel 200w