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Please be reminded, you are speaking to Peta herself when you email her. Please make sure you are courteous and supply all the information she needs to help. IE: Name, order number, country you live in. Please do not just say "where is my order" or other statements or questions that mean nothing!

If you are asking where your order is, please log into your account and look under your order number. If Peta has despatched your product, you will see a tracking number and date shipped, along with tracking site info. 

Please take the time to read the instructions on how to use this system before sending a ticket.

You need to be logged into your account to access this ticket system. To log in you will need your username and password you originally used to set up your account. 

Every new support request you open is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress online. You will find every ticket you send in your dashboard below. When we respond, you need to log back into the system and respond. Do not reply to the email you receive. It is just a notification email. You need to log back into your account to answer. 

If you are answering an email from Peta, DO NOT OPEN a NEW ticket. Please answer the ticket that you have opened which is sitting in your dashboard below awaiting a response from you if required.

We are unable to answer FACEROBICS® Face Exercise questions here due to the overwhelming amount of enquiry.

For FACEROBICS®  support please SUBSCRIBE to the FACEROBICS® Channel on Youtube and then ask your question under the relevant Video after Subscribing.

Please scroll down further to log in. Once you do, the ticket system dash board will appear.

To log in you will need your username and password you originally used to set up your account.

When submitting a ticket please include your FULL NAME & Order Number (if applicable).

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