RENEW ME® YoungerMe Mask Instructions

STEP 1 – Cleanse and Tone Face before using the YoungerMe

Always Cleanse and Tone your face before using the YoungerMe. Use a light oil such as Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin D oil, Rosehip Oil, or an oil that is light and non-comedogenic. This means an oil that will not clog your pores with regular use.

When applying the oil, use a make-up pad and apply a light film of oil over all of your face and neck, including eye-lids.

STEP 2 – How to turn on the Mask

The YoungerMe Mask has 3 settings:

Setting 1 – Blue Light
Setting 2 – Red Light
Setting 3 – Orange Light

Plug the USB Cord into the Mask on the LEFT HAND SIDE of the arm and connect the USB port to the USB Connector which will be plugged into the wall or a Extension Board with a USB connection.

Turn on Mask by pressing the button on the LEFT HAND SIDE arm of the device for 3 seconds.

The Blue Light will come on.

Press button again to cycle to the Red Light, press again to cycle to the Orange Light.

STEP 3 – Placement of Mask

When placing the mask on your face, use a cotton pad folded in half on the bridge of the nose area of the sunglasses to avoid indentations on your nose.

Place the mask over your face as if you were wearing sunglasses.

STEP 4 – Duration of Treatment and Treatment Area

The Mask will turn itself off after a 15 minute duration. You can use the mask for 3 cycles then it must be turned off. If you feel the mechanism that runs the mask feeling hot you must turn it off an allow it to cool.

You can sit up or lay down while using the mask, keeping your eyes shut at all times.

Treatment on the face can go for 2 cycles.

STEP 4 Neck Area Treatment

Move the mask down your face and allow the very bottom of the mask to rest on your collar bone to treat the neck area. Allow this to cycle for one treatment.

Conditions that can be treated with the YoungerMe Mask

Light Therapy is an effective, low cost, no side effect method of healing and rejuvenating the skin and skin conditions. Different colours penetrate the skin at different levels, which are measured as Nano Meters, which is a billionth of a Meter.

All of the light treatments in the YoungerMe Mask are visible light waves. Each light colour has a different Wavelength and Amplitude.

Wavelength measures the “length” of the wave. Amplitude measures the “height of the crest” of the wave as shown below.

And, this is what, in simple terms gives us the different colours of the Light Spectrum.

Blue Light Therapy

Blue Light Therapy is commonly used to treat skin conditions such as Sunburn and Acne due to the anti-bacterial nature of the light. It can also be used for mild depression.

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy involves exposure to the skin of visible red light (610-700nm) and is a proven and safe method of rejuvenation for the skin. Red Light Therapy is commonly used to treat skin wrinkles, scars, skin wounds or diseases and promotes a feeling of wellness. It is a very comfortable warming feeling on the face.

Orange Light Therapy

Amber light therapy is also sometimes referred to as yellow or orange light therapy. It encompasses the range of wavelengths from 590 nm to 620 nm.

Orange Light Therapy will calm skin redness and flushing, irritation, rosacea, UV radiation damage, and reducing the appearance of the tiny blood vessels on the nose and face. It helps to flush waste from the skin, boost lymphatic flow, and increase cellular growth.


Use 4-6 Weeks, six days a week, morning and night. After 6 weeks, cut back to 3-4 times a week morning and night.

If you see any redness forming, this will be due to overuse in a sitting, ie, cycling the treatment more than 2 times on your face, cut back to just one cycle. (ie 10 minutes)

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