Shipping and Returns Policy

Welcome to our Shipping and Returns Policy, and thank you for taking the time to read it. It is important and forms the basis of our Refund Policy.

All products will be shipped on every Friday with order close off time by 9am.

To ensure arrival RENEW ME (AUST) PTY LTD ships all items, for orders outside of Australia, through Australia Post. We are unable to ship through any other courier outside of Australia. Therefore, when the item lands into your country, your official postal system will be taking over the delivery process.


Existing UK Customers – please email your order using Contact Us and we will organise a PayPal Invoice for you. You can Contact Us here.

International Orders and Delivery

You will be notified through your RENEW ME Shopping Cart Account and by email, when your order has been despatched. Please log onto your RENEW ME Account, go to My Account, look for the Order Number applicable to your order, and you will find the date of despatch, the tracking number and website to track it on.

Delivery of your order takes approximately 2-4 weeks. In the unlikely event that your Item is taking longer to arrive, we ask that you take your International Tracking Code that was emailed to you by us at date of despatch to YOUR local Postal Authority IN THE FIRST INSTANCE and request they track the item.

You may also track your item on (not applicable for Registered Post).  Your Postal Authority is responsible for delivery in your country once the product has arrived in your Country.  Australia Post and RENEW ME (AUST) PTY LTD unfortunately has no further control or influence over who and how it is delivered from the point that the package clears Australian Customs and is sent on its way. Whilst we cannot take responsibility for non delivery of items in your country, we do however take all steps to assist you in recovering your item should it become lost.

PLEASE READ – Import Duty Fees Applicable To Your Country

Please be aware you may be required to pay extra duties and fees over and above payment for product and postage. These are fees charged by your country as per the Import Duty Legislation that is governed by your Country once the product is cleared by Customs.  These fees are NOT extra postal charges. This is a fee charged by your country and is not included and different to your product and postage fees.

It is your responsibility to know and understand your obligations before purchasing from this site.

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions on this site, it is assumed that you are fully aware of your obligations once the Customs Department in your country determines import duty fees.

PLEASE NOTE – We do not understate values on any items that we export so please do not ask to do so prior, by leaving notes in your order or post purchase.

We send the product to you in good faith with the assumption that you have taken all steps to research the Import Duty Fees & Legislation applicable to your country and what your obligations may be.

If for any reason you decide not to pay extra Import Duty Fees when your item is delivered, it will be returned by your Customs Authority to RENEW ME (AUST) PTY LTD.

Unfortunately we do not refund items based on refusal to pay extra Import Duty Fees and we do not “return post” to you.  If you request your item to be re sent, you will be asked to pay for postage again. We do not offer to pay for postage, as it is your responsibility to be fully aware of your obligations before purchasing from this site. RENEW ME (AUST) PTY LTD will not pay nor is responsible to pay for return postage if you do not pay your Import Duty Fees or if you have entered an incorrect delivery address.

For your convenience, we make all efforts to alert you to your obligations and assume that you are fully aware of Customs Duty Fees due, for your Country before purchasing from this site.

Shipping costs vary from Country to Country. If you wish to determine shipping for your Country, please click though the Shopping Cart Checkout.  If you feel that you are unable to complete the order, simply cancel the order.


No Refunds are offered on Sale items


You may cancel your order prior to dispatch, and your money will be refunded in the same way is originally paid. Ie: if paid by PayPal you will be refunded via PayPal

Returns (on Non-sale Items)

We guarantee the quality of our goods as we are committed to offering the finest cosmetic products and Devices available. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us before intending to return it, within 14 days of receipt of the item. (this is because it takes longer than 14 days delivery in most cases when sent to International destinations).  We will then offer instructions for return, or offer further assistance with operation of the device.

Should a refund be offered please note we do not refund shipping costs, we only refund the price of the original product. 

What happens if you have supplied an incorrect address?


RENEW ME (AUST) PTY LTD takes no responsibility for incorrect addresses supplied to us for delivery if the package is returned to us as “insufficient address information”.  If you request your item to be re sent, you will be asked to pay for postage again to resend the package to the correct address and no refund will be offered if you change your mind.  This is due to the high rate of incorrect data entry when customers opening accounts.  Therefore, RENEW ME (AUST) PTY LTD will not pay nor is responsible to pay for return postage if you do not pay your Import Duty Fees or if you have entered an incorrect delivery address.

If you do not wish to pay for shipping costs to return your product due to your supply of an incorrect address, a lodgement through PayPal’s Dispute Process will be instigated. PayPal does not offer returns on incorrect addresses.

Enter your shipping address with the correct protocols of your address, correct spelling and upper and lowercase where required, remembering your are not entering a text message.

We make all efforts to correctly enter your address info for delivery by copy and paste, so as not to have any typographical errors from the Shipping Address Section supplied on your order. Therefore any errors incurred are a direct result of incorrect entry for the shipping address.

If the address is different to the billing address, please leave a note in the comments section of the order so as not to delay despatch of your order, or worse still, it being sent to the wrong address.

Note: We do not tolerate emails of abuse, threats or bullying and as such will result in your account being deleted and reported to the PayPal system.


What Happens if my Order/Package is Lost in Transit?

RENEW ME (AUST) PTY takes no responsibility for articles that are lost in transit and we do not refund articles lost in transit or resend the whole order and pay for shipping again free to replace it  if there is no error on our part. This is because we no longer have control over or what happens to the item once it is lodged at the despatch point.

We make all efforts to enter the Shipping Information correctly so if in the unlikely event the article is lost due to entry error only by RENEW ME (AUST) PTY LTD we will immediately refund or resend the ordered items with no extra charge.

Under no other circumstances will a refund be offered if the article is lost.

Dispute Process

In the first instance we ask that you communicate with us and if an agreement cannot be made the Dispute will be escalated to PayPal for a final decision.

Warranty (if Non-sale Items are Purchased)

The RENEW ME® Laser Lift is guaranteed for 12 Months from purchase against mechanical failure only which we will happily replace at our cost if found faulty. We do not offer repairs on the device.

Downloaded Products

We do not offer any refunds on Downloaded Products

How To Return An Item (of Non-sale Items)

The item must be in its original unopened condition to be returned, (unless there is a manufacturer defect). You must notify us within 14 days of delivery for us to accept return for the item.

It is the policy of RENEW ME (AUST) PTY LTD, to inspect and check every item before dispatch to ensure all items are in sound working order, to avoid disappointment and extra costs incurred by you the customer should you wish to return the product.

Should you believe the product be faulty, we will in the first instance offer trouble shooting advice via email. We have found that 99.9% of the time, it has been operator error and have saved our many happy customers from outlaying extra costs for returning the device.

However, in the unlikely event the device is faulty, it must be returned to us.

We do not offer refunds where find we find no defect upon return.  We will send the original product back to you. You will be required to pay shipping costs for items returned to you.

Mail your returned item to: RENEW ME (AUST) Pty Ltd PO Box 351 LONSDALE SA 5160.

Include in your package the product to be returned, a signed letter stating the reason for your return and the original receipt.

You will be required to arrange and pay for shipping costs for the returned item.

Return Exceptions

We cannot accept opened items for returns or exchanges unless the item is faulty.


If you would like an Exchange, we would be happy to do so if the product is returned in its original unopened packaging. Any shipping costs will be incurred by yourself for an exchanged product.

Our Shipping & Refund Policy is governed by the Australian Consumer Act.