What Has Happened to My Face!

What Has Happened to My Face!

Imagine this…

You are standing in front of the mirror and you do a double take! Whoa, who is that! Wait, that’s me! And you look with horror asking What Has Happened to My Face!!!

I totally get it, this is what happened to me.

Being in my early 50’s, my husband John had a bad car accident 6 months earlier. We had just moved into our very expensive dream home and we were carrying a very large mortgage, some $1600 a week!

When I saw myself, I was horrified. I couldn’t stop asking, what has happened to my face! I looked worn down, my hair was stringy and undyed, my face had slid down to my chest, my eyes were drooping and my nose seemingly had begun to morph into a man’s nose!

This is called the Menopause Face.

The Menopause Face

The Menopause Face appears in women 45 and over due to  hormonal changes, and as a result, can reduce estrogen levels, affecting skin and emotions and will have you begging the question, what has happened to my face!

You see, I had an image in my mind of what I looked like, and did not deviate from that image until I saw myself, which jolted me out of my denial.

This picture shows what I thought I looked like and then what I saw in the mirror…..I was horrified!

It happens to all of us!

We have this image of ourselves, we are either in denial or we just don’t really take the care or time to look at ourselves. We go on our merry way, thinking that we have not aged, that we are still the same. Well, here to say, we aren’t.

So what did I do about it? At first, probably like you, I panicked at the image of my aging face and obsessively, even relentlessly researched how to fix my face. Day and night I looked for something, anything that could make me go back to the way I was.

At the same time, I had started my skincare company, Renew Me Natural & Vegan Skincare and I was debuting on TV on a new shopping channel in Australia. Even then, I was oblivious to what had happened to my face.

Oh the horror, the realization that I was going on national TV, only to look like a balmorphorized version of what I once was! So, I was resolute, I had decided to have Botox. I felt that this would fix all my woes and I would look 29 again, especially for TV.

However, there was a hitch.

Botox, back some 12 years ago, was the same price as one week’s mortgage payment. When I announced to John that I was having Botox, he flatly refused and said that we could not spend the money. To be honest, John rarely wins those sorts of arguments, even to this day, and believe me, there was a HUGE argument over this.

So, there I was, on national TV, panicking about how I looked, but amazingly, I wasn’t as bad as I thought. They even did closeups on my face. You could see tiny beads of sweat coming off my brow it was so close.

I got through it and when I came home, I was resolute to find something that would rejuvenate me.

Facerobics was born!

And then, Facerobics was born. Along with my beautiful Renew Me Natural & Vegan Skincare line. After a few years of developing the program, there is now a full and comprehensive facial exercise program, based on the Theory of Progressive Load where thousands of people, 12 years later are rejuvenating themselves to look some 10 – 20 years younger in some cases.

This is me as of March 2023.

All those years ago, I thought was the end of the world, and from that, today I have a large YouTube Channel teaching people my Facerobics Program, I have my own platform, and I am earning a comfortable living, from home, reaping all the benefits of my peaceful lifestyle.

There are moments when I long for the face of my past, with its carefree exuberance and untarnished innocence. But then I remember that this face is a reflection of the journey I have embarked upon—a journey that has molded me into the person I am today.

I am so grateful now, looking back that John refused to let me have Botox!

You see, when something like this happens to us, we have the opportunity to go one way or the other, and, depending on which way you decide will determine your future.

What will you do about it?

Facerobics Facial Exercises is a comprehensive program where you exercise the muscles of your face to lift, tone and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. I am testament that it works, and so are hundreds of others that follow the program.

You can learn more about it here by clicking on the following link Facerobics YouTube Channel or Facerobics Website.

I would also encourage you to click on the following link to learn more about Renew Me Natural Skincare and Facial Devices. Its such an affordable luxurious natural and vegan skincare line, I am sure you will love it!

I truly hope that you look at Facerobics as an alternative, you will be so pleased you did like I was!

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