You might have heard about LED Light Therapy? But what is it? And how will it help you? And what is the Best Mask to Purchase?

Visible Light Spectrum that is visible to the Human Eye

LED Light Therapy has long been known to transform and rejuvenate skin when used regularly.

An LED Light Therapy Mask is a safe, powerful, non invasive method of skin rejuvenation when used correctly.

Light is made up of a Visible Spectrum of light which are wavelengths. Each wavelength on the Visible Color Spectrum range from 400nm (nano meters, a billionth of a meter) to 700nm. Other wavelengths outside of the Visible Spectrum cannot be seen such as Ultra Violet, Infra Red, Gamma Rays and Radio Waves.

It was NASA that was instrumental in the development of Light Therapy for sustainability on their Shuttle Missions. They discovered that the use of Light Therapy had many applications that are used widely today in the Medical and Beauty Industries.

Light Therapy, Phototherapy, Visible Light Spectrum with colors of the various wavelengths in the human skin. Different light spectrum's will penetrate the skin to different depths. Depth of penetration by wavelengths of light.

How does LED Light Therapy work?

LED Light Therapy converts light into energy within new forming cells, where new healthy cells are formed stronger and healthier, naturally!

Red Light Therapy stimulates the fibroblast cells in the dermal layer that produce collagen and elastin. Collagen production reduces as we age. By stimulating collagen production it will return your skin to a more youthful appearance.

Blue Light Therapy acts on the sebaceous glands and supports regulation of oil secretion to the skin.

Orange Light Therapy is the most calming of Light Therapy. Orange light will soothe redness of skin while gently working on collagen production levels. Orange Light Therapy will also calm the nerves and relax muscle pains and cramps. With regular use of Orange light you will see dark spots fade and bring your skin back to a smooth, healthy even tone.

What to look for in a LED Light Therapy Mask

There are so many masks on the market today. This is due to the new found popularity of LED Light Therapy. However, as you sift through the many brands you will find that most of them are similar or the same, many of which are unbranded, being sold directly out of China, with limited after sales services.

From my own experience, these models are heavy in weight, some over 1kg laying on your face! Most of these Masks have a 7 Color Array, which are too many choices. You really only require three colors, red, blue and orange, which encompass common skin conditions. There are also many options for Intensity of Light. In this situation, having control over intensity of light is of no use as there are certain measures of light that will only work effectively on the skin. Intensity of light has nothing to do with whether the light is too bright for the eyes, it is more to do with correct treatment times and levels. Therefore, having control of the intensity of light is not needed for these home use devices and as such, I am uncertain as to why these manufacturers even add these functions into their products.

They are clunky and heavy to use, have many electrical cord attachments which can restrict treatment area. The controllers are often complicated to understand. The light duration of the treatment is longer than necessary, which could overstimulate the skin.

In comparison, our YoungerMe LED Light Therapy Mask weighs only 61grams. This is a very comfortable and relaxing weight for you face as it is virtually "weightless" giving a much more relaxing treatment. You might like to read more about it!

Unlike other masks, our masks also only has one cord, that is transferable in any country with one simple control placed on the arm of the mask. Its so simple and easy to use!

Duration of Treatment

The recommended time to use for an effective Home Use LED Light Therapy treatment is 20 minutes, once a day or 10 minutes twice a day. Any time longer than this can result in over stimulation of the skin. Therefore, a Mask that times out at 10 minutes automatically will offer you control over the length of treatment times.

Salon treatments tend to last longer, this is because generally people only go once a week for the treatment. In this case, there is little chance to overstimulate the skin.

When you over stimulate the skin, the mantel will begin to break down. Over time, your skin will manifest with weakened capillaries, rashes, redness, dryness and other problems.

More Lights Don't Make a Difference!

Number of lights on the Mask definitely make a difference. Too many lights for instance, allowing for longer duration of time, will lead to over stimulation of the skin and reduce positive results. This is a true case for the saying LESS is BEST. There is no need for a mask to include 150 or more Diodes due to the efficacy of SMD LED Diodes available now.

SMD LED Diodes are lights that should be used in LED Light Therapy Masks. LED Lights were engineered in the 60's and have now evolved into SMD LED Diodes. SMD LED Diodes use less energy yet emit 4 times more light than an LED Light bulb. The difference between an SMD LED Diode and a LED Diode is in the shape of the bulb. An SMD LED Diode is flat, an LED Diode is rounded. Be sure to read the Description of the mask to ensure they are using SMD LED Diodes as a light source.

Does the Mask have Built in Eye Protection?

This is very important for you eye health and every mask should have eye protection. Some will have silicone around the eye area to attempt to stop light from shining into the eyes, or no protection at all. It is stated on many products, one size fits all, so if the mask does not fit properly it will not protect the eyes adequately, as we are not "all one size".

For example, Blue Light is to be used in short periods, for only 10mins each treatment.  Some studies have shown exposure to Blue Light to be detrimental to the eyes (may increase the risk of Macular Degeneration) if used for prolonged periods of time. Therefore, built in eye protection is essential, even for short periods.

In Summary

A light weight, minimal SMD LED Diodes and fewer choice of colors with built in eye protection is the ideal mask to choose. There little to no risks when using a home use LED Light Therapy Mask that has been engineered correctly and with safety features in place.

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