Facerobics Facial Exercise Program – How to Follow the Program

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The Facerobics Facial Exercise Program is based on the Progressive Overload Theory.

Simply put, your muscles will become accustomed to stress by way of performing repetitions. Over time, if you continue with the same amount of repetitions the workout will become easy and you will begin to plateau.

To avoid the plateau effect, there needs to be a continual increase with the stress or repetitions during the workout. The Facerobics Facial Exercise program is designed to create progressive overload on the facial muscles.

The only way to have success with the Facerobics Facial Exercise Program is to practice a FULL FACE ROUTINE, gently increasing the amount of repetitions you do and then changing to a new exercise set every 6 weeks.

This is so important, because, as with all exercise, the body needs

1) different sets of repetitions to support the muscle rest and growth cycle; and

2) the exercises need to vary so that it keeps them in a constant state of change

Talk to any Physical Fitness Coach and they will tell you the same thing.

So, it stands to reason, the same must be applied to our facial muscles, as they are exactly the same as the muscles in our body.

The Facerobics Facial Exercise Program will bring about amazing changes if you follow it exactly and do not add to or change it.

How to follow The Program

The Method

The Method is the way you apply the exercises, much like if you are following a recipe, you use the ingredients (the exercises) and a process or method to combine the ingredients (the exercises) by following the recipe.

Use the set of exercise routines in the Series# you are currently following. Do each exercise set in accordance to the exercise level. For example, the same exercise set in 50 Reps x 2 weeks – Level 1, 100 Reps x 2 weeks – Level 2 and 150 Reps x 2 weeks – Level 3. 

At the end of each exercise, hold your face in a pose for 20 seconds. You do this by breathing in for 10 seconds, then holding your breath for 10 seconds, then release and repeat for all exercises in the Series.

NOTE: Some people cannot do Level 3, 150 Repetitions – in that case, only do 50 Reps x 3 weeks –  Level 1 and 100 Reps x 3 weeks – Level 2. This applies to all the series where you cannot reach 150 Reps.

Do the exercises ALL AT ONCE, ONCE A DAY, do not split them between morning and evening, as you need to give time for the muscles to rest. The face muscles are clearly not as big as the body muscles, so 24 hours rest is enough time for them. Resting the muscles after exercise is a big part of your face exercise success.

The structure to follow for your Facial Exercise Program is as follows:

5 Days Facial Exercise as per above the Facerobics Facial Exercise Program

1 Day Face Massage or other Beauty Treatments you wish to do. (no exercise) These are Beauty Treatments like Masks, Massage or other treatments that you might do. (I only ask people to do their Beauty Treatments one day a week so as not to over stimulate your face)

2 Consecutive Days Rest from Facial Exercising

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To make things easier for you, I have written a 116 page book on the program. This includes Weekly Facial Exercise Diary’s to help keep you on track.

You can learn more here by clicking on the following link > Facerobics The Manual – The Ultimate Facial Exercise Program

The Facerobics Facial Exercise Program Full Face Workout Routines

Learn the Exercise Sets in each Series by watching the Exercise Instruction Videos in the Playlists on the Channel before you start the Exercise Along With Me Full Face Workout Routines.

The following playlist on YouTube contains each Series Instruction (Tutoring) Videos. They contain ALL of the videos that teach you the “how to”of performing each exercise set. These videos “instruct” you on finger & hand placements.

Be sure to tackle only one Series Exercise Set at a time. Only learn new exercise routines when you are ready to move onto the next Series. Always take a week off between finishing one Series, to learn the new exercises in the next Series. Do not start immediately on the new Series as you need to learn the new set of exercises thoroughly.

The Facerobics Techniques are a set of videos that specifically teach you how to dive deeper into the exercises using your mind-body connection. These are my “unique creations”. There is nothing like this on YouTube that teaches facial exercises at such a deep level.

Facerobics Techniques Playlist

When you have learned the Techniques, start to learn the exercises from the playlists, starting and Series 1. When you are comfortable with the exercises, start the Exercise Along With Me Routine below.

Series #1 – Exercise Along With Me – Full Face Workout Routine

Series #1 Exercise Set 

When you finish Level 1 after 2 weeks, graduate to Level 2 for 2 weeks, then when you finish Level 2, graduate to level 3 for 2 weeks. Each level comprises the same exercises in each series.

50 Repetitions – 2 weeks –  Level 1
100 Repetitions – 2 weeks – Level 2 (same exercise set)
150 Repetitions – 2 weeks – Level 3 (same exercise set)

Click on the following links for Sample Exercise Notes (that are found in the Facerobics® Membership Gym for Each Series). Read step by step on how to perform the exercises correctly.

Exercise Along With Me – Series 1 – Eye Exercise Notes

Exercise Along With Me – Series 1 – Nose Exercise Notes

Remember when you change each series,  watch the playlist for the series you are starting to learn the exercises.  Take about a week to do this as you need to rest your facial muscles after Level 3 of 150 Reps.

Take pictures of yourself each change of series to see your progress.

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After you finish all 6 Series, return to Series #1 and start again from the beginning. Begin to work your way through all of the levels  again.  You can cycle Series #1 – #6 indefinitely, starting at Series #1 again when you complete the 6 Series. 

Remember, you must start at 50 Repetitions again, EVEN IF YOU THINK THAT YOU DO NOT NEED TO, because it gives your muscles time to rest after performing 150 Repetitions the previous 2 weeks and works on the Progressive Overload Theory explained above. It is in the resting of the muscles that allows them to firm and strengthen when you move to stronger levels.

This also serves to warm up your muscles in preparation for the stronger repetitions you will be practicing in Levels 2 and 3 of the new Series.  If you do not do this, the program fails and you will not get the results you are looking for.

The Exercise Along With Me Routines cover ALL the muscle groups over 18 Weeks, do not change the routines in anyway. If you do, you may be adding an exercise that is in one of the other Series and then you will be over exercising those areas and you WILL create more wrinkles and the program will fail.

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Happy Exercising!


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